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About ThingLink

ThingLink bridges the physical and digital worlds with easy-to-create interactive and immersive experiences and courses using images, videos, 360 media, 3D models or physical objects. With a user base spanning 190 countries, over 10 million content creators, and 300 million annual learners, our product suite supports the evolution of both education and the future of work β€” recently offering AI-assisted tools for learning creators, a new AR app, integration with any LMS or XR headset, and enterprise ISO 27001-compliant security.

Business and Public Sector

We empower organizations to scale immersive employee training cost-effectively, enhancing knowledge retention and engagement in areas like onboarding, up-skilling, workplace safety, maintenance simulations, and easily create interactive marketing materials for customer education and sales training.

K-12 & Higher Education

Our tools aid in developing digital storytelling skills, offering interactive and memorable learning experiences like virtual field trips and multimodal materials, effectively preparing learners for a rapidly evolving world.

β€œIn 2006 I got interested in the idea of turning anything into an interface for learning. Some years later, we launched ThingLink to bridge the physical and digital worlds - developing easy ways to annotate anything with rich media links so that people could just point at objects with a phone or a finger, and more information would pop up. The evolution of spatial computing helps make our vision a reality.”

Ulla-Maaria Koivula

Founder and CEO

ThingLink in numbers



10 M

content creators

17 M

interactive experiences



1 M

new creators per year

300 M


Our global recognition

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