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New on ThingLink: AI-Powered Image Generation Tools

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ThingLink & 360Learning

Easily bring immersive training modules and virtual tours to collaborative learning

Empowering in-house experts to share their knowledge of physical work environments

ThingLink and 360Learning share an important goal: to empower in-house experts to share their knowledge and help teams learn from each other. What ThingLink brings into this mix is easy creation of immersive learning experiences from physical work environments with user-friendly extended reality (XR) tools.

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ThingLink Suite of products for easy XR content creation

ThingLink makes it easy to create immersive training experiences for diverse environments and customer service scenarios featuring various types of interactive assets: images, 360 media, video, 3D models and Augmented Reality (AR) experiences.

ThingLink Multimedia Editor

Multimedia Editor

ThinLink Course Creator

Course Creator

ThinLink Guided Tours

Guided Tours

ThingLink AR App

AR Solution

ThinLink Unity plug-in

Unity Plug-in

ThinLink AI Assisted Creation

AI Assisted Creation

Easy sharing

Organizations leveraging both 360Learning and ThingLink can seamlessly integrate virtual walk-throughs, guided tours and simulations into their 360Learning courses, enhancing the learning experience with rich, contextual experiences.

360 image of a factory inside ThingLink Editor

Use cases

Induction for new employees Safety training Maintenance walkthroughs Multilingual induction tours Remote and on-site training simulation Interactive product manuals Sales training
ThingLink Scenario viewer

Increase engagement in learning

Incorporating immersive training modules in your 360Learning workflow boosts employee engagement and learning outcomes. Similar to 360Learning, ThingLink enables AI-assisted creation of diverse gamified experiences, including escape rooms, branched scenarios, and timed simulations, for a compelling learning journey.

Assess Training Efficacy

ThingLink's tracking capabilities allow you to monitor learner engagement and performance in real work settings, providing critical insights into skill deficiencies and further training needs. Coupled with 360Learning, this facilitates the evaluation of your training's long-term effectiveness.

ThingLink Scenario Editor analytics overlay
ThingLink Editor

Easy updates and localization

With ThingLink, you can effortlessly update and localize training content, such as safety walks, by altering background media and specific details to suit various locations. Additionally, it offers multi-language support to automatically generate different language versions of the training content. Any updates you make to source content in ThingLink is automatically reflected in any course where the material is embedded.

Streamline course development with AI

ThingLink Editor AI Assistant

AI-Powered Text to Training

Initiate engaging courses using AI: provide a text prompt and receive suggested descriptions, structures, and essential questions. AI can guide photo capture at specific sites or create images based on prompts.

ThingLink Edotor tour

Transform Documents into Interactive Learning

Easily turn PDFs and slide presentations into dynamic course modules. Simply upload your document and let ThingLink outline your training structure. Enhance it with location-specific images, and your course comes to life!

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