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New on ThingLink: AI-Powered Image Generation Tools

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Supercharge Creativity with 360°
Immersive Experiences

Integrate Skybox AI into Your ThingLink School or Organization Account.

What is Skybox AI?

Skybox AI by Blockade Labs is a groundbreaking AI tool which empowers anyone to generate unique, high-quality and detailed 360° images from simple plain text prompts and a vast selection of styles. Creators can construct 360° immersive images ready for annotating in seconds, no coding required.

Generate captivating experiences in seconds!

Unleash imagination to design unique environments inspired by literature, mythology, historical periods, and more. With Skybox AI and ThingLink, you're not just creating spaces - you're building captivating experiences. Experience seamless compatibility; your immersive creations can be effortlessly accessed on any device, including VR headsets.

Generated image: beautiful planet with tall castles

Why Choose Skybox AI and ThingLink?
5 Key Benefits include

Generate using Skybox

Introduce educators and students to AI tools securely through ThingLink, without the need for additional Skybox accounts

This streamlined approach enhances learning and digital fluency through prompt craft and multimedia skills.

Write prompt - Choose style - Generate

User-Friendly Design

Creating interactive 360-degree worlds with ThingLink and Skybox is incredibly accessible, even for beginners. Kickstart your projects with straightforward text prompts; no coding skills required.

ThingLink + Skybox


Whether you're crafting a single immersive scene or constructing an expansive, interconnected world, ThingLink and Skybox offer infinite possibilities in terms of size and complexity.

Available styles of images

Versatile Styling

Tailor the look and feel of your projects with a selection of styles — from ‘Whimsical World’ and ‘Realistic’ to ‘Dreamlike’ and more.

View generated image in a VR headset

Make Use of VR Headsets

ThingLink has long been the go-to solution for creating content for VR Headsets such as ClassVR, as well as creating real-life contexts, this package enables educators and students to create VR ready experiences from worlds yet to be imagined.

The potential for creative expression with Skybox AI and ThingLink is boundless, constrained only by the limits of your imagination. Beyond crafting intricate, fantastical worlds, these powerful tools also enable you to construct the ideal environment tailored specifically for your projects.

Ideas for new kinds of enhanced learning experiences

House in the woods

Engage Your Students Through Interactive Literature

Transport your students into the worlds of novels, plays, or biographies by reconstructing various scenes, connected by Transit Tags and stories in Text and Media Tags. Enable a chronological journey through a story's landscape, enriching the educational experience. Enable students to create their own!

Gamified Learning

Enable educators and students to create and develop simple point-and-click games, using ThingLink’s 5 Tag Types with conditional transitions e.g find the secret code to enter the next world! Develop interactive escape rooms or ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ experiences centered around any subject or theme with ThingLink Scenario Builder. Perfect for project based learning fostering cross-curricular learning and engagement.

Secret chamber

Interactive History Lessons

Guide students through a tactile exploration of historical sites—be it a medieval cathedral, a renaissance town, or ancient ruins. Use tags to embed additional information or thought-provoking questions.

Ideas for Creative Industries

Create interactive and immersive galleries to display your digital artwork.

Street panorama

Product placement visualization

Showcase your products ‘in situ’ by creating immersive settings like beaches, bustling intersections, or cycling tracks where they can be virtually placed.

Office interior

Customer journey mapping

Capture the daily life of your target audience through 360-degree visualizations of their homes, workplaces, vacation spots, and more.

Building overview

Immersive mood boards

Create interactive, immersive mood boards to visualize the ambiance for events, product launches, or impactful advertising campaigns.

Now Included in All Accounts

AI Image generation tools (with Administration Controls) are now included in all paid ThingLink accounts. Schools can choose between various K12 and Higher Education packages/bundles based on their organization size.

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