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ThingLink for Healthcare Industry

ThingLink offers an easy, secure, and cost-effective no-code solution for employee and student healthcare training in any physical work environments

ThingLink Editor on iPad and iPhone
  • Mandatory on-boarding for all types of healthcare workers and employees of healthcare facilities.
  • Patient and treatment room orientations transformed into immersive learning environments.
  • Multilingual guided tours for remote and on-site training.
  • Simulations and technical training modules with comprehensive learning analytics.
  • Immersive learning experiences like lab safety tours and interactive device walk-throughs prepare employees for hands-on experiences.

Benefits of immersive learning with ThingLink

  • Digitalize employee training programs in a cost-efficient, engaging, and secure way.
  • Make sure employees have 24/7 access to digital support materials.
  • Offer compliance training to employees more interestingly and efficiently, in a safe environment.
  • Stay up-to-date on the staff's practical skills and training needs. Support continuing education with experiential virtual orientations of real-world locations.
ThingLink Scenario Builder inside LMS
Workers at factory

Challenges we help solve:

  • Recruitment: Finding and onboarding new caregivers and healthcare professionals is inefficient.
  • Knowledge retention: It is hard to retain lots of technical information from training sessions.
  • Language translation: Employees need training in multiple languages.
  • Cost: On-site, in-person traditional training formats are expensive. Custom learning materials are difficult and expensive to update and lack scalability.
  • Motivation: Insufficient orientation and skills training lowers work motivation and retention.

4-5 times faster training, better learning results

50-80% savings in logistics

30% less internal support requests

24/7 access to interactive manuals and technical instructions in any languages

Explore live examples and use cases from current healthcare and medical training customers

Employee Onboarding AR Device Training Module Immersive Courses 360° Virtual Lab Tour Virtual Escape Room Virtual Learning Environment

Kuopio University uses ThingLink to onboard new nurses more efficiently in a virtual environment.

GE Healthcare and Tampere University Hospital used ThingLink's AR app to create nimble medical device competency training modules to improve real-life patient care and safety at scale.

Samiedu created an immersive training course for EMTs so they can learn the clinical pathway of a stroke patient using our scenario-based course creator.

Vertex created a virtual lab tour that seamlessly integrates into their website.

Digital escape room for virtual teams to complete under real-time conditions, to teach learning outcomes and improve teamwork and soft skills.

An interactive real-life scenario for inter-disciplinary healthcare student teams to combine individual data to diagnose and create a patient management plan.

Product suite for immersive content and course creation for any healthcare providers

ThingLink Multimedia Editor

Multimedia Editor

ThinLink Course Creator

Course Creator

ThinLink Guided Tours

Guided Tours

ThingLink AR App

AR Solution

ThinLink Unity plug-in

Unity Plug-in

ThinLink AI Assisted Creation

AI Assisted Creation

Why is ThingLink the best solution for you?

Finish screen of a ThingLink Scenario

Learning scenario

The easiest and fastest immersive simulation creator tool on the market. Up to 80% faster learning scenario creation compared to the competitors.

Factory worker

Integrations and partnerships

Most versatile integrations and sharing options. SSO, LTI, PowerPoint, Teams, Canva and custom API empower your team to amplify training impact effortlessly.

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Content is accessible in any language with automatic language translation on web, mobile, AR and Virtual Reality/VR. Expand your reach and engage learners worldwide more easily.

VR headset and ThingLink Editor

Adaptive XR (Extended Reality/Mixed Reality) training options

Streamlined and accessible XR and VR training from any device, including VR headsets.

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Trusted global partner

Over 10 million users and 1000 companies including hospitals, assisted living and nursing homes, medical, nursing and dental schools, healthcare organizations.

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Scalable and cost-effective immersive technologies

Cost-effective, scalable and secure: Superior solutions within your budget.

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