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New on ThingLink: AI-Powered Image Generation Tools

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ThingLink for Google Certified Trainers

Think you know ThingLink? Think again!

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A Free Teacher Account for One Year

The easiest and fastest interactive and immersive learning content creation suite.

Our Offer to Google Certified Trainers

Free Teacher Account and a School / District Special Unlimited Seats Offer.

Workspace Integrations

We are a proud Google for Education Partner, ensuring seamless integration with Google Workspace tools. You can comfortably embed ThingLink into Google Sites and to Google Classroom with our Share to Classroom feature. Embed Google Workspace Tools into the Embed Tag.

Google Classroom and Google Sites logos
User interface of ThingLink Scenario Builder

ThingLink Unlimited School Offer

We're also presenting a package that has the power to revolutionize your institution's teaching and learning landscape. The all-encompassing ThingLink academic license, with its innovative Scenario Builder, will allow you to create interactive, transformative learning experiences for teachers and students alike.

Unlimited Seats

Here's more! Every teacher and student at your institution gets access to our highly-rated multimedia editor and ThingLink Scenario Builder.

ThingLink Scenario Builder on iPad

Four game-changing additions for effortless Extended Reality (XR) learning

The ThingLink Unlimited Bundle for Education 2023-2024 doesn't stop there.

ThingLink Pano to 360 Photosphere Converter

Introducing the new ThingLink Pano to 360 Photosphere Converter

ThingLink AR App

Experience augmented reality with the new ThingLink AR App

AI Assistance

Get AI Assistance for tagging with smart tag suggestions

Guided Tours

Go on a journey with ThingLink Guided Tours – Offering step-by-step views through virtual school tours or field trips

ThinLink Saimaa UI

And the features just keep coming:

  • Unlimited media uploads and views
  • Unlimited seats that accommodate both teachers and students! Seats can be reassigned after students graduate
  • An organizational academic license which includes advanced learning analytics via the ThingLink Scenario Builder. Suitable for K-12 and Higher Education institutions
  • Support from our technical team for Single Sign-On (SSO) with Google Workspace for Education accounts

Embeddable Scenes in Google Workspace for Education Tools

Extend your learning sphere beyond boundaries by effortlessly embedding ThingLink's interactive scenes into your daily digital tools such as Google Sites and as class materials in Google Classroom.

ThingLink Scene embedded into Google products
Mobile Compatibility

Mobile Compatibility

Accessible on any device, ThingLink allows seamless learning on-the-go, turning every moment into a valuable learning opportunity.

Vast Image Library

Access a vast array of images and 360 photosphere examples, enriching your lessons and saving you valuable prep time. We have built-in support to create your own too!

Vast Image Library

Interactive Choice Boards

Based on principles for Universal Design of Learning offer a buffet of activities by creating your own boards with built-in accessibility tools.

Gamified Learning

Turn lessons into captivating games, making education an adventure your students won't want to miss, escape rooms with 360 immersive spaces are easy to create.

Secret chamber
Collaborative Learning

Collaborative Learning

Foster teamwork and communication with interactive group activities, preparing students for the future workforce. Create a shared folder and watch collaboration in real time across any device.

Real-Time Analytics

Track student progress instantly, identify strengths and weaknesses, and adapt your teaching accordingly.

Real-Time Analytics
Google Console integration

Workspace Console Integration

Manage your ThingLink School Account (student and teacher accounts) with our new Google Workspace Admin Console Integration. Toggle seats on or off by Sub-organization directly in your workspace console, meaning your management tools are all in one place.

360-degree photosphere creator tool

Skybox AI 360° Integration

Enable your teachers and student to access the ground breaking AI 360° image generation tool directly in their ThingLink accounts. No further accounts with Skybox are required as it is all managed through your ThingLink school account. This is an additional package at a vastly reduced price dependent on your school size.

ThingLink Guided Tour in a museum

Interactive Break-outs

Reinforce knowledge with fun, accessible clues and scavenger-style hunts, creating exciting challenges for students.

ThingLink 360-degree scene in a village

Virtual Field Trips

Take your class on thrilling virtual journeys, exploring the world from the comfort of your classroom. Virtual Trips made memorable for in-person trips helping to capture the moment, a perfect tool for post-trip project-based learning.

Step into a world of immersive learning with ThingLink

Tailor-made for the Google Certified Trainer community!

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